Enjoy the power of ChatGPT without the fear of leaking sensitive data

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Why Us?

OpenAI has access to all data shared with ChatGPT, including sensitive information, like names, addresses, and credit card numbers. AnShin is a privacy filter for ChatGPT that detects sensitive information in a prompt, warn the user, and can remove it automatically. AnShinGPT is a crucial tool to safeguard sensitive information when using ChatGPT.

AnShinGPT in Action


This illustrates the AnShinGPT system replacing sensitive information. This can include

  • Name
  • Home address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • My Number (Japanese social security)
  • Credit Card Number
  • Company name
  • etc.

If a prompt contains sensitive information, AnShinGPT highlights it and warns the user. The user can choose to replace, edit, or keep the text

Benefits of AnShinGPT

Secure Your Data
AnShinGPT scans your LLM prompt and warns you about any private information it may contain.
High Coverage
AnShinGPT detects many types of private information, including names, addresses, and company names.
Modify AnShinGPT's filter parameters to match the types of information you want to detect